DLA has changed 607 FSC NSNs from 80XX (paints, sealants, adhesives) to 6850 or 9150. The nomenclature and shelf life code may also be affected. The AFCEC received the list from DLA Aviation on 28 June 2018 and the change took effect on 1 July 2018. The Data Stewards are deprecating (phasing out) the old NSNs and creating the new one in EESOH-MIS; this process will add the new NSN to the user’s AUL and will keep the old NSN until inventory is consumed. The users will not need to add the new NSN to their Process Authorization. All NSNs are being verified in WebFLIS by the Data Stewards prior to making the change in EESOH-MIS.

LRS Hazmart managers are urged to contact their Stock Control Operations Squadron (SCOS) with any further questions on these changes as these are not being driven by EESOH-MIS.

Contact the EESOH-MIS Helpdesk for further information.
Phone (Toll Free): 866-643-6541
Email: helpdesk@eesohsupport.com