Managing risks of exposure to environmental and occupational factors is a major concern for organizations where employees handle chemicals, are exposed to hazardous working conditions, and require training in safe handling and processing procedures.

The cost of compliance with laws and regulations designed to protect workers and the environment can be exorbitant. The Enterprise Environmental Safety & Occupational Health (EESOH) system helps organizations manage risks and costs associated with environmental, health and safety issues.

The EESOH system creates value by sharing information across its functional area modules. Single point, validated data entry, captures information at the source, ensuring the highest level of data integrity. EESOH provides a secure, scalable development environment, based on Oracle 9I, that is platform-independent. EESOH effectively manages multiple years of information and enables users to retrieve historical information online. The system can be customized with data-validation tables to provide flexibility and compliance with local requirements. The system's function modules can be implemented independently or combined with other modules to maximize user investment as they expand their system capabilities. This scalability allows users to implement only the functions they need to support immediate requirements. All of the modules allow reference lists, titles, and definitions to be changed. This allows long-term history to be stored by date, regardless of changes in business practices.