Users are required to complete a DD Form 2875 for EESOH-MIS system access. The DD Form 2875 is coordinated through local management and security channels for local approval and retained by the local EESOH-MIS POC for record-keeping purposes.

The EESOH-MIS System Security Plan (SSP) requires all EESOH-MIS users have a completed DD Form 2875 SAAR on file with the local EESOH-MIS POC prior to granting access. The SAAR provides a documented trail to ensure prospective users have a valid "need-to-know" and access is restricted to privileges based on one's role. If you would like a copy of the SSP please contact the Program Office.

Please ensure users of EESOH-MIS physically located at your installation have a signed DD Form 2875 in your local files.


If you need help identifying the SAAR POC for your installation, or if you need the EESOH-MIS Account Management Plan contact the EESOH helpdesk at 866-643-6541 or

SAAR Template (PDF)

EESOH-MIS Rules of Behavior (PDF)